Offensive Stats

NOTE: We currently don't have stats for the following years:

1985 & OLDER, 1987, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2003, 2004, 2010

If you believe there is a discrepancy with these statistics and can provide documentation to prove it to please e-mail Brad Mushrush at

Most Rushing Yards
3779Rob Burns2013-2015
3766Tony Latronica2006-2009
2495Jay Poggi1974-1975
2303Ken Schroy1969-1970
1849Rob Burns2015
1645Paul Weibel2001
1592Jay Poggi1975
1382Tony Latronica2009
1353Tony Latronica2008
328Rob Burns2014
294Frank Stump1957
242Rob Burns2008
234Tony Latronica2008
231Rob Burns2015
Most Rushing TDs
50Rob Burns2013-2015
34Tony Latronica2006-2009
32Jay Poggi1974-1975
28Paul Weibel2000-2001
26George Banas1992-1993
30Rob Burns2015
23Paul Weibel2001
22George Banas1993
16Tony Latronica2009
16Rob Burns2014
6Frank Stump1957
6Rob Burns2014
5Rob Burns2015
5Dave Fischer2003
5Todd Schullberger1997
5George Banas1993
Most Passing Yards
3193Nate Landgreen1998-2000
2728Ryan Tincknell2007-2009
2607Chris Donley2002-2003
2447TJ Smith1992-1993
2425Alec Vera2012-2014
1591Nate Landgreen2000
1550Ryan Tincknell2008
1527TJ Smith1993
1504Chris Donley2003
1485Jeff Wolfinger1986
351Bob Lewis1960
235Alex Vera2014
211E Jones2011
207Ryan Tincknell2008
201Tom Garlick2015
Most Completions
Most Passing TD's
Most Receiving Yards
Most Receptions
Most Receiving TD's
Most Total TD's (Rush/Pass/Rec)
Most Team Points
Longest Runs from Scrimmage
Longest Running, Non-Scoring
Longest Pass Reception
1000 Yard Rushers
1000 Yard Passers

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